Designed for the Security service of the "Prefectures of France"



Why Secur Alert?

In the context of its obligations as regards to vigilance and alert(meteorology, natural hazards such as floods, technological risks), the security administration needsto have an automated alert system, able to mass texts and / or faxes and / or emails to multiple recipients (communities, government departments, companies, individuals).

With Secur Alerte the community (public security administration, city or town halls, etc.) can automatically send messages (SMS, telephone calls, faxes and emails) to multiple recipients in order to put in place measures to protect citizens. Secur Alerte and Secur Ecole are complementary in the transmission of alerts to citizens.


How does Secur Alert work?

1. In case of an alert, you have to react quickly

3. It creates a new scenario or chooses from the predefined scenarios (storm, accident, attack ...)

5. Once the message has been configured, simply click on "send"

2. The security officer connects to the Secur Alert interface

4. It personalizes its scenario if necessary by choosing the prevented contacts, the text, the mode of communication (fax, telephone, SMS, email ...) or by adding an attachment

6. The message is automatically sent to all recipients

Our platform

Our computer software with a web interface is at the heart of the Secur Alert system, it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is accessible from a web address and allows to send messages in a simple and effective way.

Thanks to our computer engineers, our interface is in continuous development to best meet your expectations.

La plateforme secur alerte permet l'envoi d'alertes PPMS par les mairies et les préfectures