The ideal warning and geolocation system

for isolated workers



Why equip yourself?


We must note the rate of work accidents among gardeners, social workers, secretaries, cleaning agents ...

My Keeper wants to protect isolated workers from the dangers they face on a daily basis

With Athéna panic button, isolated workers can, in the event of an accident, send an alert message, then be geolocated and dialogue with the rescue services.


 SOS button Athéna is easy to use, allows alerting, geolocation and dialogue, in case of accident


in everyday life

Bad meetings

With Athena alert device,

Your agent is safe outside


Athena SOS device allows to launch an alert and works on the existing networks GSM (mobile network) and on the network GPRS (network 2G).
It allows bidirectional communication and works in the same way as a phone without a keyboard.

1.You are in danger

2. You press the SOS Athena button for 3 seconds

3. The alert is sent to the emergency contact (SMS with geolocation)

3bis. The remote assistance operator calls the user to qualify the problem and send help

4. Help comes


No need for a phone

Just save the phone number of the tag in your phone book so you can contact him.

With Secur Esprit,

Watch out for your agents


Our team of security experts monitor your agents remotely. If your agent has a problem, you can geotag it from the Secur Esprit interface. You can call him and help him.

Management of


Géolocation of the last

alert device position

Daily recording

of self-tests

Management of

emergency contacts