Secur ecole permet de lancer les alertes PPMS avec la balise SOS Athéna

Much more than a classic safety alert system


What makes Secur Ecole so special is its unique software and independent, mobile alert devices.

The devices are adapted to suit each school’s needs and can be set up in just a few minutes.

The SOS Athena beacon is at the heart of the anti-intrusion system of the schools and allows to instantly alert the Gendarmerie and the National Police.

Security experts 24/7

These qualified interlocutors are always connected to the SOS Athena devices so that the police can act immediately in case of intrusion.

Secur Ecole is a threat prevention system for schools.

Direct link with the police

The national police are in direct contact with our security experts to intervene immediately.

Secur Ecolel is a guaranteed threat prevention system for schools with the PPMS Athena Alert tracker

Easy to use

In case of intrusion a simple pressure on the Athéna SOS devices is enough to trigger the alert process of Secur Ecole.

Secur Ecole is a French anti-bombing and PPMS alert security device


 Our SOS Athena alert devices are guaranteed for the duration of the subscription. Automatic tests are done daily to ensure the proper operation of tags.

The Secur Ecole system is unique because it is composed of a school security  software and an independent and mobile alert system, the Athéna SOS tracker.

Designed in France

Our system Secur Ecole is designed and developed in France in the French Riviera.

SOS Athena GPS trackers can send all PPMS alerts

Zero installation

This is a turnkey system: Once you provide information about the school, all you need to do is give the Athena alert devices to the teachers once you receive them.

The benefits for the teacher


Take precautions

To react quickly in case of emergency thanks to a simple alert device.

Zero constraint

The Athena SOS device is ready-to-use once received. All you need to do is plug it back at the end of the day.

Respect of privacy

Secur Ecole is neither a tracker nor a microphone: our only goal is to ensure everyone’s safety.

We guarantee the protection of your personal date (which will only be kept in France).



The benefits for the town hall


Maintenance & Warranty Agreement of the system for 3 years

We will be offering a 3 years warranty for maintenance and the replacement of defective devices (within 48 and 72 hours at no extra cost)

In the event of a major system failure, a computer engineer will come on site for a complete diagnosis of the system.

A flexible system

Our system is entirely digital and can be customized to suit the needs of each facility.

The system makes it possible to modify the number of devices in order to ensure the possible addition of a class or the extension of a school building.

A platform is made available to the customer so that he can update the information of the establishment in real time.

An evolutionary system

You have the possibility to send the intrusion alert to the facilities of your choice directly from the town hall. For example, if a municipality is warned by the prefecture of a major risk they can activate the alert procedure.

We want to continue to improve our system by collaborating with the town hall of Bar sur Loup. For example, we would like to activate the geo-tracking of our Athena GPS alert device in the school