La balise Athéna et le service Secur Esprit


1. How to send an SOS / Alert with the Athena GPS tracker?

A long press (at least 3 seconds) on the SOS button on the Atena GPS tracker will automatically alert the user-defined emergency contacts (family, relatives, neighbors). The SMS contains information about the user of the tag (name, first name) and a Google Map link with the precise geolocation of the person to be rescued.

If the teleassistance option is taken, our security experts will perform an instant doubt check through the Athena GPS tracker (the tracker answers automatically). Depending on the nature of the situation, the security operator will alert the competent help (UAS, fire brigade, police).

2. How to turn on or off the Athena GPS tracker?

During your purchase, a member of the My Keeper team will contact you, within 24 hours, to customize the Secur Esprit service:

* Choice of a beacon that turns back on itself when it is loaded or on / off button

3. How to customize the use of the Secur Esprit service?

When you buy a member of the My Keeper team will contact you within 24 hours to:

* Choice of an Athena GPS tracker that turns back on itself when it is loaded or on / off button

* Choice of emergency contacts

* Choice of the remote assistance service in unlimited, in purchase valid 1 year or no teleassistance

* Activate your Secur Esprit user account

4. How to login to my Secur Esprit user account?

All you have to do is login on the portal www.portail.mykeeper.fr and enter the login and password received by email during your purchase.

5. What is the Secur Esprit portal for?

This interface offers the following possibilities:

1. View & amp; edit user information

2. View system self-tests (followed by tag activity)

3. Geolocate the Athena GPS tracker

4. View alerts

This interface is intended for the following users:

• To the system user

• At the emergency contact of the user


Les Keepers


1. How do I connect my Keeper to the application?

Turn on the Bluetooth of your smartphone in the settings. The Bluetooth symbol should appear in at the top of your screen.
a. In the My Keeper application, touch the red Bluetooth icon at the top right of the screen.
b. Tap Connect my keeper and then tap Start Connection.
c. Press and hold the Keeper button for 3 seconds to appear in nearby devices, select it, and press anywhere on the screen to return to the Home screen.
d. The Bluetooth icon turns green; your Keeper button is connected!

2. How do I send a Keeper alert?

In case of difficulty, press the SOS My Keeper button two times to send a discrete SOS. The alert is sent.

3. Is the Keeper a tracker?

No. The Keeper alert button locates and gives access to your position to the community member when you wish. In the case of an alert, your position is transmitted to law enforcement authorities to make this area a safer place.

4. What are the reasons for triggering a Keeper alert?
  • When you feel insecure and do not want to use your phone
  • When you are in trouble, such as an assault, a fall and you do not have access to your phone to ask for help
  • When you do not know your exact position and you want to alert your loved ones with a location-based SOS.
5. What if my Keeper rings?

If your SOS My Keeper button sounds, do not panic! This means that it is disconnected. Move your keeper closer to your smartphone and it will reconnect automatically.

6. How long does the battery last?

The Keeper alert button requires very little battery power only when you press the button. Thus, the battery can last up to 1 year. If it is discharged, you can easily replace it.

7. Is it necessary to have a connected My Keeper object to receive alerts?

No, the application is free and downloadable by all allowing receiving alerts.

8. What happens if I launch an unintentional alert?

To trigger an alert, you must press the button twice in a row. This avoids the risk of launching an unintended alert. However, if a false alert is launched, it can be cancelled on the application.


L'application mobile My Keeper


1. Which phones are compatible with My Keeper application?

For now, My Keeper is running on iPhone 4 and later versions and Android version 4.3 and later versions.

2. Can the application be used without the connected My Keeper object?

Yes, the application can be used free of charge to use the “Sending alert” service and to notify your relatives and the My Keeper community. Users can also report problems to the My Keeper community to help each other.r.

3. How do I send an alert?

The alert button on the main screen allows you to send an alert. Confirm the alert.

4. How do I report an incident?

The button “signal an incident” on the main screen allow you to report a threat with its geolocalization.

Choose the position of the incident> Validate the zone> Choose if it is a person in difficulty or showing signs of aggressiveness.

5. How to install the application?

Download the My Keeper app on the Apple Store app on Iphone (Ios) or Play Store Application (Android)

6. How to create a circle of guardians?

To save the contacts to be warned in case of difficulty,

Menu (≡)> My Guardians> Add Guardians.

Give a name to your circle and choose the contacts from your index.

Click on Create Circle.

Select (the bear’s small head appears) and deselect guardian circles at any time.

7. Does My Keeper work internationally?

My Keeper works in any country. All you have to do is have a mobile subscription allowing you to call and go on the internet.